Why is zcash mining very popular and useful?

Genesis mining has just provided a very limited opportunity for doing zcash mining. It has been opened in the form of contracts and it is open only for few weeks even we can say for few days only. By this article, you will come to know what this contract is. What is zcash or zcash mining? zcash is the crypto currency that functions as similar to the Bitcoin, but the only difference between both is that Bitcoin has the public ledger that can easily be seen by anyone. But the zcash is not viewed by the public. Zcash is very different because it has personal ledger which is completely based on privacy. This can be achieved by the process of transactions unidentified through unlinking their operations record.

What is zcash mining process?
zcash mining offers cloud mining solutions for the wide range of crypto currencies. This process is often similar to the Bitcoin process, in which the sender receives the money and send to the other party but in a safe manner. The history of the amount sent is not showed in front of the public and cannot be hacked by any hacker. This process is a safe stream that allows everyone to make transactions at any time. Also, you can make your transactions successful sitting in any place. Only you need to have a CPU and get the transaction succeed in a few hours.

Moreover, while zcash mining process; you don’t have to pay fees from your pocket. This means the electricity bill and computer price is the origin price. This electronic transaction process is reliable as well as fast. The best thing about this is that do not take two years maintenance fees for you. If you want to make transactions, then first you have to get computing process because that can process the mining of zcash. This transaction is processed in the block in every 2.5 minutes.
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