What is the use of bitcoin mixer and how this mixer works?

bitcoin mixer is also known as bitcoin tumbler, is a process that makes use of third-party services to break the connection between the person’s address sending coins and the address to whom the coins are sent. Since bitcoin blockchain is a ledger of the public which records each transaction. People, who do not want that anyone should know that where they send coins and where they store bitcoins, make use of coin mixing services. Mixing the coins is a daunting task for those people who are not familiar with the bitcoin, but it is not, so it is just a simple process that takes few minutes for each deposit. But before you make use of this mixer you must know that how it works.

Working of bitcoin mixer:

The bitcoin mixer mixes all your payments with other payments from other users so that it becomes difficult or impossible for the observer to know that who is sending the money to whom. The person who knows the address will easily be able to know that you have received or sent the particular amount.

When to use the bitcoin mixer?

The mixer is mostly used for personal sending money, as your payment is sent using mixer directly to the destination. But if you are not making use of bitcoin mixer then it is obvious that person seeing the transaction will easily come to know that to whom you have sent the money and from whom you have received.

Here are some examples of using bitcoin mixer that you should consider:

• Withdrawing coins from the exchange service where you have to provide information about your real identity to the wallet on phone or computer. This easily helps to reduce the chances of the wallet get associated with the real-world identity.

• This mixer is also used for withdrawing coins from peer-to-peer website to the private wallet.
Thus, it becomes clear that bitcoin mixer can easily help you transfer or receive your money without letting anyone to know about it.

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