What is a bitcoin and bitcoin mixer?

Bitcoin is also known from the name as bitcoin tumbling or bitcoin mixer. Let first understand the meaning of bitcoin: bitcoin is a decentralized, crypto currency also as a virtual currency which is specially designed to make online transactions from one program to another. It has stated by the government as a very useful in reliable currency transaction method. It is also known as a third part currency alternative for the government as it also helps to transfer currency like US dollars, euro and commodity like silver and gold coins.

The bitcoins are processed from a private network which is linked through various networks of computers from a shared program. Each of the transaction which users make sis further recorded to a block chain which is a permanent public zone network. These block chain updates and inform all the users of their account by which payment have they made or from which network they have got their bitcoins.

Though, there is a misconception n of many people that bitcoin programs are anonymity. As we stated, earlier bitcoins are linked to a permanent public source anyone can read out the in and out of the user’s account. All they have to have is an id, or account id proof with the help of it any person can know the transaction history of the user.

With the help of bitcoin mixer, one can make their account’s history anonymous yet secure too. With the help of bitcoin mixer technology, one can completely hide their connections from different sources which can read their transactions history. The bitcoin mixer is available for the people sitting anywhere in the world. It makes your coins and your account totally anonymous. You can download it from any one store all you have to keep in mind is that the service provides you chose who provides you the service of bitcoin mixing is totally trustable and reliable in their work.

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