Video games- more good than evil

A long debate
Video games have been a subject of discussions and debates ever since they came into existence. There has always been a huge school of thought who have been against them and even gone as far as blaming them or various social evils in the world. Video games ruin kids and erode their social values; you can be rest assured that nothing can be farther from the truth.

Video games are often a gateway to a paradiscial world away from the cruel place that awe live in today. There have been actual studies that have been conducted that show the benefits of video games on people who indulge in them. These benefits range from heightened physical and mental senses to better psychological health and critical thinking abilities. People from the gaming community are known to be upright citizens who do very few wrongs, definitely are a huge minority compared to those who don’t play and commit wrongs. Video games have been touted to not just increase the individual abilities of people who play them but have also been considered one of the best ways to increase social skills and team building abilities in people. The basic fact is that video games have done more good for this society than bad and it will most likely continue to do so for ages to come.

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