Using the No contact Rule to bring your EX back

While you might have been contemplating with yourself about your past relationship, you might not be sure if bringing your EX back is the right thing for you to do. Nevertheless, if you are the one that obviously broke up the relationship, but now you have seen your mistake, you know that you really want this person back. Or maybe you have been seeing signs your ex still loves you. How can you use the no contact rule to bring he or she back? Firstly, you would need to review those motives, actions, and what you feel right now, if your need to go back to the relationship is for all the right reasons. Most times even establishing the no contact rule helps you with this.

The no contact rule period, which is mostly advised to be at least for a period of one month, is not a time you contemplate about the relationship, Rather it’s a time where you know yourself better. Yes, you understand he still likes you, But that love can only be contained by you when you love yourself first and be a better person for the sake of yourself and the relationship. Therefore, the NO contact rule period is a time where you try new things, Explore, maybe innovate in your career and work or exercise more. And basically do things you love, that would make you feel, relaxed, accomplished and rewarded. At this time you must try to stay away from all calls and text messages from your EX.

The no contact rule period after which now helps you to introspect and retrospect. This helps you find your real motivation for things you might not know before. You might even find out why you did the wrong you did, genuinely. This period would help you communicate a sentimental free thought to your partner when you finally make contact. He or she would not just here you saying that you have changed but would clearly see that you have changed.

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