Top points to note when using GTA 5 cheats

In order to use any GTA 5 cheat , you must enter its corresponding code so that you can activate the cheat. Once you enter the cheat code correctly, this will bring up a small window to confirm you have entered the cheat. If you are using a gaming console such as Xbox 360 of PlayStation 3, you will be able to save the cheat code. But if you are using PC, you will not be able to save your cheat codes. This means that you will manually have to enter the cheat code each time you want to use it in the game. On PC, you cannot use GTA 5 cheats during missions.

When you enable gta 5 cheats and begin a mission, the cheats will be disabled automatically. This means that you will have to rely on your skills or whatever you have learnt in the game to complete the mission. Since you will have directional commands when entering cheats, understand that these will have to be entered through the digital pad. Another point to also understand is that when you use cheats, this will deny you the chance of earning achievements for your current game even after saving the game or the session. Therefore, you must always save your session before you use any cheat codes.

Some cheat codes cannot be used continuously. For example, when you activate the invincibility cheat code, this cheat will allow your character to be invincible for a period of five minutes. This means that you will have to enter the invincibility cheat code after every five minutes in order to reactive the cheat. You should also note that with the invincibility cheat code in gta 5 modded
; this code will not make the vehicles you are using invincible. Generally, it is very important to understand how cheat codes work in order to use them correctly.

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