Top 3 tips in using prevention to make failure hacking Facebook

Facebook is the popular networking site, and it is one of the most widely used social sites with more than 800 million users all over the world. Because of this reason, it is the center of attraction and has become the number one target of most of hack facebook account. To those users who want to prevent hacking into their account because of reasons of privacy, this article might help you. Some methods in hack Facebook account have been patched up and some methods are being made and introduced to the public, so this article introduces the top three methods used in hacking Facebook in 2012.
• Facebook Phishing – This step about Facebook Phishing is a very well known item in hack Facebook account. This method is very popular because the hacker can design a fake login that is similar to original Facebook’s page and then the victim logs into the page. Then obviously, the hacker will learn the username and password of the victim.

• The key logging – This is the easiest way to hack the Facebook password. A kind of program that can be installing into the victim’s computer, and then it will record or monitor everything that the victim types into the computer. Furthermore, it can be used not just in hack Facebook account but also in monitoring, spying and much more.
• Mobile Phone Hacking – Millions of people can access Facebook from their smart phones or mobile phones. If the hacker has access to the victim’s phone, then the hacker can probably gain access to the victims Facebook’s account via mobile phone. There is lots of spying software that can be installed on the victim’s phone. The 2 most popular software that can be used in mobile hacking are Mspy and spy phone gold.
Although, some people will do this hack facebook account just to make them popular and not realize that it is a malicious thing. You can use some of these methods mentioned above to hack but also to prevent hacking by doing some prevention with them. Remember, putting too much information in your profile is putting yourself in danger.
On the other hand, Facebook is something you should steer away from, or make a wise decision on what information you put in if you cannot bear to be away from it. Everyone can see it. Be smart: the less information you supply, the more difficult it is for someone to hack facebook account.

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