To wear skull hoodie is more than a taste of history, religion, and culture

Historically, the skull symbol has had different meanings for different cultures. In some circumstances, it has inspired terror, respect, power. In many others, it has been a symbol of victory over enemies, which represents a warning on the battlefields for the defeated. The skulls were used as battles trophies collected by the kings and conquerors.

Many people express their special taste for skulls by making tattoos on their bodies as a symbol of defiance of death.

In the popular folklore of some countries is impregnated with stories of skulls. In the case of Mexico, where the festival of all the saints is celebrated, sweets with skull or skull shapes of many colors made of sugar and chocolate are cooked.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the skull is present in religious art and culture. The Buddhist God of Death is represented by 5 skulls in his head symbolizing victory over greed, hatred, envy, pride, and ignorance … the Hindu death goddess, on the other hand, has a skull necklace on her neck.

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