The quality of the flags (fahnen) is indisputable

If you are looking for any flag on your sports membership or for the particular facilities with the playground, the alternatives are many since industry in the manufacture of banners is quite extensive, but many occasions the broadest of its market and its revenue is that it’s clients have that repeat the acquisition more often since the flags talking to air, rainfall and extreme heat decline quickly, but is already within the Swiss market place a much more long lasting and better quality, flags (fahnen) that are made with poly1 + a fabric with micro perforations and ability to absorb and maintain colors for longer, its manufacturers claim that they last 100% longer while maintaining the color and shape than any of its competitors.

In addition to the loss of color another factor of deterioration of the company banner (firmenfahne) is the tearing of the fabric produced by the wind, because this common problem seems to have been solved and already the flags that you expose in the spaces of the club or of the sports field do not they will ruin or tear. The Swiss flags (schweizerfahnen) have an available printing area of up to 210 centimeters without the need for seams, they are printed on both sides achieving an even effect and of equal quality on both sides of the flag, the fabric is highly resistant to weather and winds. Its manufacture is made of reinforced polyester fabric that allows wearing bright colors, are lightweight fabrics that can be washed without a problem and reinstalled with the guarantee that the bright and vivid of their colors will remain for longer looking like the first day.

In addition, the polyester is made with flame retardant elements to reinforce the security elements, any size and color can be manufactured in a very short time and with a price-quality ratio that could not be equaled by any of the competitors, and the quality and beauty of the flags speak for themselves.

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