The journey of Steven Jay Williams aka Boggie2988

On the 24th of July, 1969, Steven Jay Williams also known as Boggie2988 was born. He was born in St. Paul, Virginia in the USA. Boogie has health issues with his weight. He has morbid obesity. His heaviest weighing-in is at 266 kilograms or 587 lbs. He has also had issues with type 2 diabetes. Due to his health that is unstable, he came to a conclusion to go through bariatric surgery being his last option, which is also called weight loss surgery. This surgery is performed on individuals who suffer like Boogie does. The surgery mostly consists of countless methods that mostly gets rid of portions of your tummy or resects the small intestine. Boogie started his journey with gastric bypass surgeries where the tummy is apportioned into small upper pouches and lower large pouches with small intestines that link to both. This is the method that is used in treating both type 2 diabetes and morbid obesity. His surgery went well. He currently weight 387 lbs. and he also says his diabetes is in reduction.

Know about Boogie2988?
He is a famous YouTube personality, popular for his gaming and comic focused channel known as Boogie2988. Fans mostly consider his as Boogie or via his various persons like the most famous one Francis. Francis is a childlike adult breaking anything and acts absurdly, not like regular adults. He has been active online since the year 2006. This is where he continues to have regular contents posted.
Net worth of Boogie2988
His net worth is currently at $900,000.
Is he married or single?
He was dating Dez and in 2012, he proposed via YouTube video, which she accepted. They tied the knot a year later. They were married for 4 years but had a divorce in the year 2017. This was announced via Twitter. They divorced with no squabble and are still friends. In February 2018, they settled peacefully. Above is Boogie2988’s Wiki: wife & divorce, weight loss & surgery, sister & net worth.

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