The history of the symbol Chi Rho

To know about the history of Chi-rho, it is believed that in the ancient times when Constantine was approached by the Angles prior to the battle of Milvian Bridge in the then Rome this symbol was carried by them. The sign apparently meant to conquer and this is the main reason for the spread of a new battle in Constantine. The chi rho symbol was put on the armor of every army men and was considered to be a sign of protection in the battle. This sign provided higher inspirations to fight the battle smoothly as it gave a motivation to the soldiers as God stood by their side. This motivation provided by the Symbol Chi-rho leads Constantine to win the battle finally. The battle win eventually led Constantine to rule and control the Roman Empire.

The initial step taken by Constantine after taking over control was to change the prevailed religion and worship one God rather than worshipping the Pagan Deities. This was a mark that guaranteed the spread of Christianity across the globe and a notation for it to last until the time the world exists. This was to ensure that most of the population across the world could become Christian and this is the main reason why the religion lasted for such a long period of time and is believed to be a savior for many souls.

The immense power and division of the Symbol is the main reason for it to become Saint Matthew’s symbol of order. This Symbol inspires every viewer with a power to face the challenges and the hardships in today’s modernized world. Humanities fate can be changed by God through the power of the Symbol. Without this exact Symbol, it might have been never known, who Christ actually was, and there would have been a question regarding His existence.

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