The greatest inventions

What makes an invention great?

What makes an invention memorable or great? Is it how much it touches our lives and changes it? Perhaps that is the answer indeed; but then the question arises us how do we decide how much a particular invention has touched our lives and if it has touched our lives at all? Is it just the matter of how often we use it? Or is it about for what we use it? Or is it just about whether we can live without it or not?

Has the best flashlight touched our lives?

Now let’s have a look at flashlights shall we? Have flashlights touched and changed our lives? it is much easier now to explore dark areas and every household tends to have at least one (often more) in their home; so yes it has touched our lives. How much has it touched our lives? Again, every household has one. Every time you go on a trip, you tend to take one (especially if you are out on an adventurous outing or camping in the wilds). It has definitely established its importance in our homes and in the outdoors. Is it really a matter of how often we use it? How often do we use modern medicine such as penicillin? Very rarely and yet no one would ever argue that modern medicine is a historical and great event. So it is probably not about how often we use it but rather how important it is and can we live without it. We use flashlights for exploring dark areas that might be too risky for us to visit otherwise. We also use it to look for things lost in a dark corner of the room. We use it literally to carry light with us wherever we go. So can we live without it? How else would we look for things in dark places? Carry around fire? No, you carry around a small flashlight for your needs, doesn’t even have to be the brightest flashlights to help you see in the darkest of places.

So there we have it; flashlights are the greatest invention ever. Well, probably not even the brightest flashlight can steal that mantle, but it is certainly an invention that should not be taken for granted and is an invention that is memorable and that we cannot really live without in the modern world.

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