The Best Ways to Promote your RSPS

Eventually, they have completed the development of your own RuneScape private server! Congratulations! After that merry launching of your distinctive server it’s only a matter of waiting for all those visitors to begin enjoying your RSPS, right? Following a week of waiting and boredom you have decided to have a better look in your server and its own statistics. The outcome? There is not even a couple of people in your RSPS. Your query follows; where would be the players and why are they not enjoying with the server? The server is really good, why is not the server filled with gamers yet?

Within this guide we are going to be answering the questions from the above mentioned case.
Players don’t come naturally
You have to understand that RSPS players don’t come naturally. Having the newest RS products, trendiest PK’ing RSPS or the planet’s most beautiful site doesn’t guarantee gamers around you RuneScape private server. You’ll want to devote time, effort and finally money (depending upon your goal) to your advertising campaign. This isn’t a matter of hours, but weeks or even months.

In summary: you will need perseverance!
A site is a must-have!
Back in 2007 several RSPS didn’t have their own site. TheRuneScape private servers best listand a thread on the forum has been that the home of virtually every RSPS… however things have changed.
Designing a correctly looking and organized site is a must-have for every RuneScape private server. Your site must fulfill the following requirements:
KISS, also referred to as the ‘Keep it simple, stupid’-principle. Keep the design clean, easy on the eye and cosistent.
Do not include any bothersome animations, sounds or effects.
Do not irritate your guest with too much text.
Pictures are worth a thousands words.Use screenshots to show-off your server. Do not forget to compress and resize screenshots to guarantee that the graphics load quickly on all net speeds!
A brief marketing movie is welcome.
A prominent ‘call-to-action’ button is crucial. Buttons such as “Play today!”, “Play for free” and “Register a free account” work really nicely.

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