The Best Press Release Distribution Service for your business or company you get with LINKING NEWS

Nowadays, the media have a great influence within the public opinion. Therefore, companies, corporations and businesses have chosen to publish press releases in these media to inform the public about the projects they are developing, future plans and their aspirations within the market, all this to make their brand known within the potential customers.So, it is important for companies to have a link that establishes and manages the contact between them and the media, in this way, they will guarantee the scope and process of press release distribution.

Thus, LINKING NEWS is the best option to consider for this type of services, mainly because of the scope they have, with more than 10,000 media, 30,000 journalists and more than 1,000 social networks, all highly influential that will guarantee the reach of your product or service offered.In addition, in LINKING NEWS they have the most complete media portfolio of the likes of NBC, ABC; CBS, Fox, among others, who are known worldwide and have a group of permanent readers who trust in the quality of the content presented there. In turn, the release distribution services offered by LINKING NEWS is free of trademarks, which guarantees that your competition does not have knowledge of advertising methods for your company, making the service fully exclusive for you.

It should be noted that the character of LINKING NEWS press release service is global, reaching all parts of the world and have a large market in China and the Asian region in general, offering you the possibility of reaching a different, diverse and surely different public interested in your product or service.In short, best press release distribution service is achieved only with LINKING NEWS, which offers the widest scope, guaranteeing a considerable increase in the visibility and confidence of your company, making you reach a new and diverse public.

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