The basic difference between Nintendo 3DS emulator and Nintendo 3DS XL

Every second the technology is advancing, and with this advancement, people are getting better and attractive products and as a result technology is taking care of everything. People love video games and especially teenagers, and they are crazy about the video games, and many of them are professional gamers and according to a survey, most of the gamers these days do not use computers, laptops or mobile phones to play video games. They use different gaming consoles so that they can taste all the essence present in the game.

Nowadays you can play games in 3D, and that is because you are using consoles nintendo 3ds emulator or Nintendo 3DS XL which have this specification. That means you are playing 3D games on a portable device. The best part about these consoles is there is an option of wifi, and with an active Wi-Fi connection, you can play games on the internet.

Design and features of 3DS emulator and 3DS XL:
The main thing is graphic, and in this area, both devices are far better than DS emulator and PlayStation portable. The screen size of these two is bigger than Nintendo DS. The screen size of 3DS XL is 4.88 inches which arehuge and 3DS emulator has 3.53 inches screen which is also big in size for gaming purpose. The graphics of 3DS XL is very high than Nintendo 3DS emulator because in 3DS XL you can understand the small details and the sound quality of 3DS XL are amazing.
Main differences:
The memory is the main difference because 3DS XL has the double memory capacity than the 3DS emulators and of course, the graphics are another difference. Both emulators have a good quality camera, but 3DS XL has a better camera than Nintendo 3DS emulator.

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