Technology is advancing and there are more and more top car tech innovations visit Just Web World to learn about these innovations

Technology is in constant progress, especially in areas such as the automotive industry. The vehicles are increasingly more advanced and have new tools made with the consumer in mind. Currently, several top car tech innovations made to fully meet the needs of the consumer can be evidenced.

One of top car tech innovations is the voice control, many of these systems, unfortunately, do not possess the ideal advance, due to various development problems. But thanks to this, many companies have come into contact with companies such as Google or Apple, and one of the biggest additions is Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa is a virtual voice assistant from Amazon, and now it can be obtained in certain vehicles of Toyota, BMW, Ford, etc. This allows control of the vehicle without touching a button.
Another of the major advances that are being developed is the “brain to vehicle” or “B2V” of Nissan, which is a technology that through a device that is placed on the head. This handles the brain waves and makes the car move as the person wishes. This will also help the discomforts and difficulties in driving and will make handling a more bearable task.
The vehicle panels will now have even more improvements. The screens that are already digital in the most modern vehicles, but thanks to companies like Samsung, these screens controlled in a tactile way can now run the Android operating system up to 4 screens.
Finally, the task of parking will be easier than ever. Normally parking is difficult and brings with it lost hours going around, which can cause delays and several annoyances. Fortunately, Bosch is developing technology in order to measure the space between parked vehicles and offer a map with parking options nearby.
In short, technology is revolutionizing the automotive world and making it much safer and simpler. These various top car tech innovations can be found and deepened on the Just Web World website, where they are mentioned more in depth. To access the page you must visit the link at

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