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Jessica Dean excellence on the screen

Jessica Dean is a well-known journalist throughout the US; her impeccable work has earned her the admiration of the public, congratulations from her colleagues and prestige in the middle.
Born in the year 1985 in the city of Little Rock in the state of Arkansas, Jessica Dean develops as a news anchor in television programs, during her career she worked for radio stations, did an internship in NBC as Dateline, in the following he served as; photographer, editor, reporter among other related roles, adding that all this formed her with an excellent experience and knowledge about all that is contained in live television and its implications.

In the year 2013, Jessica Dean was presented with a wonderful opportunity, fruit of her good performance throughout her career as a journalist, on the CBS network to make the presentations of the daily news, on the nightly news, after her transfer to the state of Philadelphia, has been featured in the news program equally called Eyewitness News in conjunction with Ukee Washington, and make online broadcasts, all of the above have made her a not only famous journalist but taken into account for very important events where they delegate responsibility and has managed to perform with professional excellence, among which we can mention the papal visit in Philadelphia and the Democratic National Convention in the year 2016
His work does not end there, in the area of altruism he has taken a participatory and constant role for works and foundations such as those championed by Ronald McDonald; It is also an image of the Ballet School belonging to the State of Pennsylvania where it encourages students to progress both in their performances and in their personal lives.
At the family level, she is legally married to Blake Rutherford, married in the year 2009, is very popular on social networks, and is generally active with publications on the news as well as comments and opinions on the veracity of other publications.

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