Sweet puff Australia gives to tobacco smokers a new experience

How the name sweet puff Australia comes?

Smoking is injuries to health it has shown everywhere and in every post for tobacco smoking specially but nobody cares that much and the tobacco smoking is becoming the new fashion of this era. For this smoking, you can use sweet puff Australia as tobacco holder or container. Because it was firstly developed in Australia so the name comes like this.

Measurements of making glasses

making of these tobacco holders specific sizes are there like by length it is 20cm by stumpy it should be 8cm and the hole of the large upwards mouth is 1cm in diameter. The angle between two sides should be 90 degrees mandatory. You can available them from sex shops and many tobacconists which are based on tobacco products. Sweet puff costs almost $20-30 UAD. It can also vary depending upon the quality and from where it comes.

What will be the cleaning procedure of the puff?

After a lot of use your pipe can become very dirty and cloudy and a layer of white smokes form. So you should clean your puff daily. Reuse of the puff without cleaning can make your lungs disease so give it a neat clean before another smoking.

For cleaning you can use normal water, magic eraser which automatically cleans the walls remove dirt’s, some hand wipes or something really long, sharp which can easily cover the last end? Through sweet puff free shipping it can also get junk so before 1st use makes it also clean.

While cleaning makes sure your puff is completely cool down because hot puff can get burst come contact with the cold water or brush or wiper. Put your finger into the bottle and be attentive that burnt film should be come out of puff.

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