Strategies for Game of War

New players at Game of War: Fire Age has a great deal to learn. Game of War is not just a simple game to understand. Bearing that in mind, I have assembled my top game of war cheats . If you have just started out and you don’t have any clue what you ought to do, this Game of War guide is for you! Read on for my Game of War tips!

Tip 1: Constantly be Assembling

Game of War includes a slew of buildings to build and update. Odds are there is always a new construction or update you might be placing your building time towards. Each time you log in, ensure that you’re building something! Even when you’re just updating a farm into another level, it starts to add up over time.

Especially in the low levels, attempt to select buildings to update based on if you are going to be playing next. You may just update or create one building at one time, (at CoC parlance, we would say “you just have one builder”) so attempt to maximize the amount you’ll be able to get constructed as you are off. For instance, if you are going to sleep after playing, attempt to start something which requires a very long time to build.

Professional Tip

The Gymnos and Storehouse are equally important to update early. The Gymnos increases your obtained Hero XP, which rewards you more the earlier you require it. The Storehouse protects your funds from assault, which is almost always a good thing.

Tip 2: Select the Right Upgrades

In the Academy, you are able to level up different elements of your empire. In Game of War, there are only a slew of updates to be researched here, all of them take quite a while, and in total it could take years to unlock all of the game of war cheats at the default.

Guru Tip Some hero gear can boost the research rate — chalices, for instance. Attempt to prioritize crafting a few of them at your forge early in the game, and you’re going to save yourself a good deal of time!

What exactly do you need to prioritize? Bear in mind that you cannot update further down the research tree without performing the earlier upgrades first. However, every extra point in an update generally only adds one percent to the entire ability.

Therefore, from my standpoint, it makes the best way to get the minimal amounts potential in the early research before focusing on updates lower from the tree. You could always return to earlier updates, however there are a great deal of things which are locked behind week’s worth of research which you will miss out on in the event that you don’t attempt to hit the base of the tech tree as quickly as possible.


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