Some of the best vastu for home living room tips

The vastu shastra for the living room in the house is very much essential. This is the place where you are sitting with your family members and sitting to have a talk on important topics. The living room is the place where you and all other members of family are interrupting with one another. To maintain the peace and prosperity i8n the living room is very much essential. You know that the living room or the drawing room that is following the vastu tips is attracting all wealth, happiness and prosperity. These are all positive energies. These energies are interacting you with the other family members. You get joy, happiness, successful feeling and also feel contented.
Here are some of the vastu tips for your living room that is to be followed-
• Construct the drawing room in the east or in the north direction.
• A Drawing room is highly beneficial in north direction.
• North- west living room is the good, since presiding the element of the North West part of the home is air. The guest in this room feels restless and tends to leave as early as possible.
• The vastu consultant is saying that god presides north east direction of a home and this is an ideal location for a drawing room. It is also better suited for doing the poojas and prayers.
• The living area floor should slope towards the north or east direction.
• The fan in the room, if sloping in the north direction or the east direction is well and good.
• North east or the south east or south entrance is indicating the success but it requires lots of hard work for achieving.
• Place the TV in the south east direction and not in the corner of north east.
The vastu experts are saying that place the portraits of god or goddess or beautiful sceneries in north east wall or the corner.

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