Side-effects of l-carnitine liquid

Everyone is busy looking for new and easy ways of getting fit body and getting more stamina for their body. In this search, the most common supplement that comes to use is l-carnitine liquid. Many sportspersons and bodybuilders have been using this supplement for enhanced performance. This supplement is not only limited to just sportspersons and bodybuilders but also many common people going for daily workouts or gym are also using l-carnitine liquid on daily basis.

Many people are looking to find whether the consumption of l-carnitine liquid is safe or not, if it is safe, what can be its potential side effects?
Potential side-effects of l-carnitine liquid to human health:
Per the experts-carnitine liquid is usually safe for consumption for a normal healthy person if it is taken in limited quantity by mouth or injection. It should be consumed under direct supervision of the doctor or health expert. But still some of the side effects cannot be ruled out.
Even normal or over consumption of l-carnitine liquid can give some potential side effects that can be vomiting and nausea. Some doctors have also reported of the side effects like Stomach problems or Diarrhea. In some cases, it has also been reported that it leads to bad odor of Urine.
In the case of pregnant women, there are not much evidence of side effects of using it in the time of pregnancy, therefore it is advised that it should not be consumed.
Children can be given l carnitine liquid in appropriate quantity by mouth. It must be noted that i should not be over consumed.
Should l carnitine liquid be used?

Thus, we can say that yes it can be used if it is under the strict guidance of supervisor or health expert. One should understand the fact that using an artificial thing to push up a naturally causing process may surely cause some side effects depending on type of body and health. Therefore, it is advised that it should be consumed unless very much necessary and under a direct and strict supervision of a well experienced doctor.

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