Should adults with ADHD have caffeine? The answer is, in moderation

Before the question Should adults with ADHD have caffeine ? The answer is not as simple as a yes or no, the implications of regular consumption of coffee, even in small quantities, can affect the symptoms of ADHD, always each case will be very particular, but in general, coffee acts as a stimulant that can worsen symptoms such as irritability.

In other cases, it can help to focus and increase concentration, but it is still difficult to identify what is the adequate and safe amount for patients diagnosed or with the symptoms that make them suspect that they could have the disorder.

When in the consultation is someone questioned Should adults with ADHD have caffeine? The medical recommendation is generally that you should avoid it because the cons could be greater than the pros, an adult consumes amounts of caffeine a day in a large number of products that are not necessarily reduced only to the cup of coffee, and we found small doses of caffeine in sweets, medicines, ice creams and even painkillers.
Adults with ADHD should be cautious with their diet and especially with the intake of caffeine since it can alter sleep patterns and therefore rest and recovery of the brain if you do not sleep properly increase symptoms such as lack of concentration, the dispersion in daily tasks and irritability.

Scientists and scholars of the subject are also constantly wondering if Should adults with ADHD have caffeine? If on the one hand, the positive effects offered by coffee and its main component are the caffeine in the brain, a small dose may help with the concentration but it is difficult to determine where the limit is to avoid adverse effects such as irritability and sleep disorders, here comes the recommendation to consume it only in the morning and avoid it the rest of the day to rest properly.
In conclusion for adults with ADHD, it is better to avoid it because they tend to be more likely to have adverse effects than positive ones.

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