Rules of CapsaSusun the famous card game

From ancient times card games are very famous for refreshment. Sometimes people use this card games for gambling purposes. In this way, people can earn a lot of money. Judi capsa is a very famous game in the world of gambling. This game is played widely in Hong Kong and the south-east Asia.
Judi capsa is played with 52 cards, and the number of players for this game is 2 to 4. The primary focus of the player in this game is to arrange their cards which are 13 in number into three poker hands. The distribution of cards in each of the poker hand should be two of five cards and one of three cards.

The backhand of the player is consisting of five cards, and the innerside is also made up of five cards, and the front hand is composed of three cards. The backhand must be stronger than the dominantside, and the middle hand must be much more efficient than the front side.
The firstsideconsists of small values cards likes:
• Three of a kind
• Two pair
• One pair
• High card

The winner point in Judi capsa will be twice if the player has won all of the hands on the other player and the point will be twice if the player has won all of the hands from all the actors. Royal flush on the backhandand the innerside contains 12 and 24 points consecutively. Straight flush on the averagesideand the backhand contains 20 and 10 points successively. Four of a kind on the innersideand the backhand holds 16 and 8 points consecutively. Full house on the average hand and three of a sort on the frontsidecontain 4 and 6 points successively.

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