Reusable Baby Wipes Option

When Theodore was born my husband and I decided we needed to use reusable baby wipes using homemade baby wipes solution for diaper changes. I was attempting to prevent a lot of compounds in our home by simply making my own cleansers, so I had been thinking about doing the exact same thing with baby wipes. I was not overly familiar how it functioned it in the time (using Lucy we’d utilized disposable wipes), but our good friends were doing this and so we decided to give it a try also. (This post includes affiliate links to Amazon.)

Following 18 months of using both our reusable wipes and disposable baby wipes (if we’re outside of their home), then I strongly prefer the ones that are reusable. In my experience the reusable wipes actually do wash better and are so much simpler to use. (Not to mention you can save yourself a bit of money in the long term!) It is so simple, I wish I’d done this with Lucy!

This is the way our system is installed. We’ve got a Prince Lion heart Premium Wipe Warmer to hold the wipes as well as solution. I roll up the wipes up and set them in the warmer. (I have tried a number of reusable wipes, but my favorite is the ones that I got from Green Mountain Diapers. I understand many individuals also only use baby washcloths.)

Then, I create the solution for those using the wipe warmer on the right way. I pour distilled water into a Nalgene water bottle. I add about 1 tbsp of sweet almond oil and 5-6 drops of tea tree essential oil. I twist the lid onto the bottle, shake it up, and then pour the contents over most of the rolled baby wipes. That is it! They are all set to go for another diaper change. (Before I used the remedy initially, I made certain Theo did not have a response to the almond oil by rubbing a tiny drop on his heels and waiting 24 hours to test for any response. I then did the identical thing after making my initial batch of the genuine solution with the additional tea tree oil. There are several unique recipes for baby wipe out solution out there and a few individuals even simply use distilled water!)

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