Promote Your Oral Health with Nature’s Gift Coconut

Need of oral health
Your mouth is inlet for most diseases and gut is the pathway for harmful bacteria making easy way for them to your tummy. Don’t let them stay in your mouth and prevent them to pave way to your tummy before they ruin your health. Flush them to stay fit. Coconut, the wonderful Gift of Nature, has innumerable benefits to keep you healthy by eliminating harmful bacteria. Try coconut oil pulling to detox and flushing out damage causing bacteria from your mouth.

Your teeth are like pearls
Save your precious pearls from destructive attack of bacteria! Their attack leads to tooth decay and gum diseases that weakens your natural denture! Staining damage your tooth enamel and diminish your personality!
Why coconut oil pulling?
Prevention is always better than cure. Prevent your teeth in easy and most effective way by coconut oil pulling. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and is effective against Streptococcus Mutans, one of the well-known bacteria in your mouth. Virgin coconut oil is very effective for oil pulling compared to usual coconut oil used for cooking.
How is activated carbon beneficial?
Carbon gets activated on combining with gas or an activating agent at high temperature to form activated charcoal which is capable of fixing undesired substances and thus, aids to promote teeth whitening by eliminating plaque and other impurities from tooth enamel.
Source of activated carbon?
Coconut shell is the best natural source of activated carbon compared to other available resources and has extensive use in manufacture of charcoal toothpaste. You can also prepare activated charcoal at home by burning coconut shells at very high temperature till complete ash and adding sufficient Calcium or Zinc chloride solution for full soak.
Where to get it?
You can find it at Live Coco. Buying online product is easy. Also try Coco White and Carbon Coco for descriptions and to fulfil your need of teeth whitening and coconut oil pulling.

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