Pokemon GO: New Promo Code Feature

The newest upgrade to Pokemon GO adds the capability to redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes from inside the program, rewarding coaches with assorted products. But for the time being at least, it would appear that this operation will be exclusive to the Android edition of the game.
To redeem a voucher code, players will need to access Pokemon GO’s main menu in the map view. From that point, coaches should head into the store, enter their code to the text area in the bottom of the webpage, then tap on the redeem button to get whatever items they’re owed.

The official Niantic service page for promo codes in Pokemon GO states which Poke Balls, blessed eggs, lure modules, and much more will likely be offered up in such a fashion. Further down the line, it would not be too surprising to observe the programmer offer its marketing partners the chance to disperse promo codes for certain Pokemon.
The capability to redeem voucher codes isn’t accessible via the iOS program at the moment, but this might be a temporary situation. Apple’s App Store along with the Google Play Store possess different rules regarding this type of content, therefore it can be that Niantic must wait for some time before the two variations of this game could be placed in an equal base.
But, with Pokemon GO once again surging in popularity, it might possibly gain both Niantic and Apple for promo codes to be made accessible through the iPhone edition of this game. A volley of lapsed gamers are very likely to return today that summer time is drawing close, and Apple would not wish to be viewed as offering a poor version of the encounter.
Niantic has since promised a massive summertime event to indicate the match’s one-year anniversary. With this date quickly approaching, hope to see Pokemon Go Promo Codes variable into parties in some manner.

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