Music Promotion Companies Vs DIY Music Promotion

In this post I wish to speak with you about how hiring music promotion businesses can be a best idea for the music career, if you’re able to get together just a little bit of a budget.

Now I am not saying that performing music promotion on you have is a poor thing, and should you’ve ever read my blog you may today that I post up information daily about how to get new fans using sneaky promotion procedures.

The one problem is that it all takes a lot of time and that I visit a whole lot of so called bands spending four hours each day spamming the Internet regarding their crappy music, even when if they only gave a small bit of time for composing music all their promotion efforts could be easier since they’d have some thing good to promote! Sorry rant over. ;–RRB-


So let’s say you can convince the rest of your band to cover $100 each per month to hire a company to get you some press.

First you may need to ensure that you’re working with a few of those good music promotion businesses, since there are plenty of scammers out there. However, at that point you’d be in a fantastic position of not needing to try and manage all of your promotion and songwriting. You could just concentrate on the music.

I recommend that you do you have music promotion for a year so that you understand how it functions and may nevertheless offers ideas. But as soon as you hire music promotion companies you get all of your promotion achieved in a fraction of this time.

And if they’re really no good the new lovers and music revenue will start to cover their commission in a month or two.

Last idea.

I hope you go some thing from this article. I needed to get this off my chest since it is something which I think people ought to be considering instead of blinding spending hours and hours regular friending people on MySpace.


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