Motherhood: the changing trends

Being a mother is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Nobody would deny this. momlife is absolutely packed with responsibilities of different kind. A mother takes the responsibility of not just herself but everyone else in the family. Despite having all the responsibilities in the life, the mothers of today’s times have broken the stereotypical image of the mothers that used to exist. For a long time, all that the word ‘mother’ would make a person think of would be sacrifice and problems. But, times have changed. With the changing times, the mothers are also changing.

A decade back, as soon as a woman would become a mother, the girl part inside her would die. The post of the mother would kill the fun part inside the girl. But today’s mothers are great at keeping that part alive inside them. The mothers today are great at enjoying the post of a mother. This is the reason that things like mama bear shirts have come into existence in the first place. The mothers today can be easily seen wearing a mom shirt and flaunting their motherhood. Also, the thing to be noted is that these t shirts have given the mothers a chance to feel special for what they are.

So, it can be said that the trends related with motherhood are changing and they are changing for the better. But the purity of the emotions associated with the job remains absolutely same and intact. The mothers are still the homemaker. Being a mother is still the toughest job that there is. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. The stereotypical image of a subversive, downtrodden and sacrificing mother is cracking and fading away for sure, but the post of a mother is still the most important in the lives of human beings.

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