Light In Weight, Heavy In Strength – Head Graphene Instinct Lite Tennis Racquet Review

You feel tired or uncomfortable after playing few shots with a regular tennis racquet. So you may want to have a lightweight racket for you. So that you can stay longer in the game. Here we have the best option for you. We are not just telling you the name of this racket only but also we have head graphene instinct lite tennis racquet review for you. This review will help you decide whether you buy this racket or not. Everyone doesn’t have the same physical strength. Some people are very strong but some are not. Maybe you are not physically strong equally to the other person with whom you are playing the game. So maybe you are unable to hold and play with a heavyweight racket for the long game. At this moment you may need a lightweight racket to help you stay in the game. So this racket will be best for you. Here we have Head Graphene Instinct Lite Tennis Racquet Review, you can see the full review to get help.

Head Graphene Instinct Lite Tennis Racquet is made of Graphene. Graphene is one of the strongest materials available in the world. One of the best things about the Graphene is that it is light in weight. It has a weight of 9.9 ounces when it is not strung and weighs in 10.4 ounces when strung. Its balance when strung is 4 points head light approximately 33 centimeters. The swing weight of the racquet when strung is 310. Sometimes looking for a light racquet is a difficult thing. Because you will find that all the lightweight rackets are not good at quality. The manufacturers of these rackets compromise with the quality while reducing the weight of the racket. But you will not see this issue in Head Graphene Instinct Lite Tennis Racquet. Other than the weight you can see so many other features of this racket in our Head Graphene Instinct Lite Tennis Racquet Review.

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