LED headlight vs. HID lights: similarities and difference between them

HID Lights are high intensity discharge light without any filament. With the latest technology it became possible to produce lights that are three times better than any halogen bulb. These lights are HID lights and LEDs lights. It became a revolutionary concept to reduce the consumption of energy. These lights with less energy consumption provide more powerful light. These lights are great in technology. In HID conversion, Xenon gas is further used with others noble gases to give more efficient light.

LED Headlights bulb has been great with the process of electroluminescence which is a big concept but it is so much innovative that many automobile companies are using this technology to further improve in vehicles body parts. They are small in size and don’t use much space to install it. They vary in colors and give more clarity. They give latest view to your cars and give it advance look.

Comparison between LED headlights and HID lights
If we look for the difference in HID lights and LED headlight bulbs than there is not much difference but they differ in cost, durability. Some of the differences are:
• Lifespan- Life span of HID and LED lights are 5000 hours and 25,000 hours respectively
• Installation time- It only takes 60 minute for installation of HID lights and 30 minutes for LED lights
• Heat emission- Heat emission is high in HID and low in LED
• Available colors- There are 7 colors in HID and 4 colors in LED
These are some of the differences between HID lights and LED highlight bulbs. If you got the budget then you can buy anyone of them. Both are best in their perspective area. Both gives you the best quality and both are available and can be purchased anytime, anywhere in the world. Based on your choice, whatever suits you on your budget just buy them.

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