Learn about the wonderful advantages of secondary glazing London. You will be fascinated with this system!

To solve the problem of heating and annoying noise in some areas of London, this excellent procedure has been created, which consists of providing windows with manufactured panels, especially to isolate sound pollution and the effects of cold and condensation on winter.

The secondary glazing London is an ingenious system of windows with several divisions, slidable to each other, very light, easy to clean and that comply with all the rules so as not to affect the historic buildings in the country. They are made in an aluminum extrusion, with panels of 6.4 mm thickness, with a secondary double glazing system, which gives a lot of security to the user, because if it breaks it will be in one piece, as these panels are made in glass and quite resistant plastic.

The windows manufactured by Interior Glaze are of magnificent beauty, so they will not clash with the facade of the building, or with the interior of the house or office. Its wide range of colors and variety of shapes will give you the perfect answer to look abroad from a very elegant window.

Entering www.interiorglaze.co.uk, you can see all our products, we have a display with arched windows, guillotine, hinged, with vertical fenestration bars or traditional frames, to give your environments the touch you always he wanted we have very durable materials of the highest quality, which can withstand the inclemency of the weather and the passage of time, providing the customer with a guarantee of ten years.

On the website we have a gallery that shows all the windows we make, you can consult without any commitment and for free, any questions you may have. Our professionals will make a budget according to your requirements, with the measures, colors, materials, and forms you want.

Our secondary glazing system reduces noise pollution by 80%, ie 45 dB and contributes to the heating yields more, which represents a saving in your annual payment.

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