J. Cole Type Beat and his life facts

Cole is a born genius. His mother raised Cole since he was very young. Even though his father was serving the US army earlier in some prestigious position, he left the family earlier when Cole was too young. When he grew up to a certain age, his passions were only basketball and rap music. He was a serious rapper since the age of about 15. This is when his mom bought him 888 machines so that he can produce music on his own. This is just the kick-start. He spent lot of time with the machine producing his own peculiar cheap exclusive beats for sale of rap songs. He wrote his lyrics. Some of them were childish and some of them were inspiring too. There were no messages but only stories that he tells through his songs initially. He loves to tell stories with the song, as a rapper.

This became a famous trend or style, sooner to be followed by many other rappers around as well. J Cole inspires them all. J. Cole Type Beat becomes popular eventually. Everyone started to like it and then he becomes a rap star with the mix tapes that were launched in and around 2007 for the very first time. It was the debut of his that was made on 2011 exclusively as his own album, born sinner that has earned him big name and fame all over the world.
People liked his style of presentation in particular. Reviews of the most positive kind were posted online. Social media ratings become the talk of the town. He acclaimed fame hall in no time. He started his own productions to add on to the merits of J. Cole Type Beat further. These are not planned initially by j Cole on how he has to captivate the audience but everything just happened naturally in his life without any big deliberation.

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