Installwasapplus: how to download and to use whatsapp plus

Whatsapp is the easiest way to stay connected with your loved ones. And the new whatsapp plus is better from the official whatsapp. To enjoy its benefits you must use it once. There are some important tips which you need to remember before into your mobile. As it is not an official application so it needs extra cautions to install unless it can harm your device or your other applications.

Where to find?
Whatsapp plus is not a certified application. Except for the creators, there is not Google or the official whatsapp to guarantee this application. And that is why you will not find this app in the Google app store or in other mobile app stores as well. You need to search for this app in the browser for the apk version of the app.
How to download:
To download you have to run the apk file of the whatsapp plus app. Then install the application in your device. Though it is not available in app stores and needs to be downloaded the apk version the download process is quite same like other apps. You will be asked to change your security setting to install the app because it is a third party app. And your device needs to allow third party apps to run on the device.

Precautions of installwasapplus:
If you are a whole new user with whatsapp plus who didn’t ever use whatsapp then you are good to go with the above process. But if you are already using the official whatsapp then there are some precautions you need to follow. At first, go to your whatsapp chat setting and back up your chat and other media messages. Then you need to uninstall the whatsapp or you will be not able to download the plus. After app you can proceed to the step to restore the backups which you have done in your previous whatsapp. This will restore all your previous messages and everything to the ne whatsapp plus.

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