Impact of poor water sanitation and hygiene system

God has blessed us with the countless blessing and in all those, one is water. Where clean water can save you from thousands of diseases, there dirty one can also lead you to the death. Clean water is truly a blessing and those who don’t get it, know its importance better. According to estimation, 2.1 million people lack access to clean water while a lot of people die every year just because of water sanitation and hygienediseases. Actually, every government is obliged to provide clean water to its citizens but unfortunately, there are many countries in the world, which are not fulfilling this basic necessity of their people.

Globally access of clean water, adequate sanitation system and proper hygiene education can help to reduce the amount of illness and diseases. Moreover, it can also lead to better health, socio-economic development, and poverty reduction.

There are many international organizations, which are working hard to give clean water and make sanitation system better. But this is something couldn’t be done in days or months. It needs proper planning, time, effort and resources.

Apart from organizations, little steps should be taken by people so they can also take part in making the water and sanitation system of their area better. In schools, teachers must tell students about the importance of clean water and what role they can play to make their society clean.

Seminars should be held to aware people about the safe water and sanitation. There are many simple things which one can do to make water clean. Like boiling water before drinking is best and easiest way to make water germs free. The government must also keep a strict check on water and sanitation system because these are those things which can cause damage of millions if not handle properly.

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