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The proper working of the system and compressed memory of a computer is vital for the optimum development of the tasks and processes by virtue of it being responsible for the management of RAM and the data compresion of files and files. When it slows down, it is usually because the tough disk space has been (badly) utilized 100%.

When the system and compressed memory high disk usage, it is generally because of two major reasons, the first is an issue with the system and compressed memory as such and the second is a mistake in the setup of virtual memory in which the sized the paging file has been altered. This problem may be solved without having too many distractions, that’s why all of us present the following solutions:

1. Adjust the performance from the virtual memory through setting the particular default automatic configuration simply by Windows, being able to access the Start Menu, option “configuration” and then “performance”.
2. Within Administrative Tools, Task Scheduler option, click on Microsoft, then on House windows and finally turn off the “RunFullMemoryDiagnosticEntry” task.
3. Turn off the “Superfetch” services using the services manager or even the registry manager.
4. Deactivate the Speech Runtime by starting the task supervisor, then clicking on processes and lastly “deactivating”.
5. Increase the performance with the visual results of the computer through accessing “settings” within the advanced options of the WinX food selection.
6. Check that the RAM is not defective. If it is, you will have to acquire a another one. Sometimes, it could be only one with the RAM bars that is damaged, if it is the situation, replace that and then see if the problem continues to be solved.
7. In some cases, as a result of frequent Windows update processes, the manager may run improperly. Therefore, you have to verify and check that you are not producing error requirements.

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