If you Are right, that doesn’t mean i am wrong, says tekashi69

every person thinks and also live the life in a different way. also, everybody looks at every scenario in a different way. that’s the thing which explains the meaning of 69 within the life of tekashi69. Daniel Hernandez says that the way you feel is not correct for me and the way i think will never be right for you also. because everyone in the world has the different aspect of the life. if you are a 6ix9ine tophotmuzik fan you might know that there are so many tattoos on the human body of the tekashi. he’s got 69 body art on his body as well as the wonder is the fact that all of the tats are in the shape of 69. now you will wonder in which why he has such body art on his body. the reason behind it is the meaning of the 69 for the artist. he has a different meaning for both of these digits. these are numbers normally for all but he’s a different way to see these digits.

6 and 9. both are simple numbers. what you think exactly why tekashi69 is using these types of digits in his life. why he has these types of digits about his physique. why he’s these digits in his title. why he could be promoting equally if these items. why is he or she not advertising any other digits. why he only selected these numbers. then the response to these questions is that Daniel Hernandez says how the way people look at 6 is not 6 for me. it could be 9 from me since i look at it in a different way. so it is 9 for me however on the other hand it’s still 6 for the other people. if you are a 6ix9ine tophotmuzik fan then it is very important to you to learn more about his / her name and his personal issues. that is why we have been providing you these kinds of details. now you know the all the things about him and the lifestyle.

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