Ice skates which are used for Ice skating

Ice skates are the specially made boots which have blades at the bottom. While doing ice skating, it will propel while doing ice skating. Horse leg bones are used to make the first ice skates. Ox or deer bones are also used for the same.

Types of skates and its function
• Today blade skates are used. Previously, a sharp metal spike which usually used for pushing forward while skating.
• Depending on the skating activities and its nature modern skates, are usually used in ice rinks and on frozen water bodies. In many sports, they are used as foot wares.
• Different types of skates are Figure skates, hockey skates, bandy skates, racing skates, touring skates recreational skates and so on
• Figure skates are used for the sports figure skating. Stainless steel or aluminium with a steel runner has used the sport. skates are different types and used for different purpose. Figure skate blade is slightly concave. This comes in contact with that ice.

Hockey skates and its use
Hockey skates are used for playing hockey on an ice rink. Hockey skates differ in structure and all. For example, usually, hockey skates shoes are made up of leather, moulded plastic. Moulded plastic cannot be used for competitive hockey, as it lowers the speed to move. Shaping the skates, are important for all .ice hockey skates sharpen is the major factor for ice skates. Round edged thickness determines the skate blade the sharpness of the skates what player prefer, sharpness depends on that.
Bandy skates for playing Bandy
The boot of skate is made up of leather it doesn’t cover the ankle. The blades are longer than hockey skates. Figure skates are also there which means a group of people who are skating on the ice rink.

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