How to make the most of and obtain cash for old gold you possess

Got a drawer full of old gold jewellery that your great grandma possessed but you no longer care. Do you have a hunch of jewellery you collected over the past but you do not wear now? Looking for an easy way to sell gold jewellery for money? Here is an easy way: sell gold to the trusted gold buyers Melbourne authorities and obtain easy and quick cash for old gold.

The cash for gold Melbourne provides the best and easiest gold selling services in Melbourne. The authorities buy gold on competitive prices, the ones that you will not find anywhere else in the market. Other retailers may offer you higher prices, but may levy taxes and further fees to reduce your payment by a great amount. Our gold buyers, on the other hand, buy your gold at daily market prices that are presented in dollars per gram. The gold is purchased in karats and grams, and all forms in which it is available are accepted. Whether be it gold coins, or jewellery, or gold nuggets, or even gold bullions; all forms of gold are accepted. Our company has the terms to convert all scrap gold and old gold into new gold bullions and such by melting it all in bulk. This is one aspect that makes us popular –we recycle gold, and use it efficiently all over again.
When you usually sell your gold to dealers, they delay your payment by more than a week, so you cannot get your cash instantly. With our authorities, you could call us or bring in your gold for inspection to obtain cash for gold immediately. Our X-ray detection system makes it possible for us to weight your gold as accurately and quickly as possible, so you could easily avail sell gold Melbourne services whenever you want to!
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