How to Hang Instruments on a Wall

Hanging instruments on the wall may be practical storage option, a special spin on wall artwork, or both simultaneously. There are quite a few approaches to hang instruments on a wall based on their goal. Here is an summary of the most frequent options, from ILevel’s specialist staff.

Before you hang on your instruments on the wall, then it is Sensible to first ask yourself these questions:

Do they have to be available for use?

Are they precious collectibles?

Are they mostly cosmetic?

If your instruments will need to be available, then the design should appear good, but also enable you to easily eliminate one or more instruments in exactly the exact same time without impacting the others. Valuable instruments or collectibles implies that the hardware should not have the ability to harm the integrity or surface of this instrument.

The way to Hang Instruments on a Wall When They Are for Playing

Guitars are possibly the most typical hang drums instrument our customers ask us to hang, as most guitarists have several guitars for various noises and need them all to be readily accessible. In such instances, the best choice is to hang guitars using commercially accessible guitar mounts like those pictured below. They can be found with cushioned, flexible arms which can be adjusted into various shaped instruments. This kind of mount can also be available for acoustic instruments, string instruments, etc..

Hanging Collectible Instruments on a Wall

Collectible instruments (not for playing) are usually framed before hanging, that shield them from harm and lowers the demand for cleaning, such as the autographed Coldplay guitar below.

For strangely shaped classic instruments, tribal instruments, and so on, custom made wall-mount armatures or tabletop display stands could be created, or else they may also be framed, or exhibited in a acrylic base vitrine since they want in a museum.

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