How to grab attention through pick up lines

Boys use to pick up lines to grab the attention of the girls but sometimes if your jokes, your good look does not work means now, you have to use some other methods to grab the attention of the girls. Some boys especially committed one use some kind of dirty pickup lines to impress their woman to make love to fall in love with them. Dirty does not mean it is dirty; it means you are very closely committed to your love partner.

But good and cheesy pickup lines are not the only answer to it, sometimes think good dirty pick up lines may be the answer to your question. But along with hits, dirty pickup lines are highly risky as if you do not portrait your lines properly then it leaves a negative impact on your reputation.
The main problem is that dirty pick up lines only work with good presentation otherwise it results in your into an insult.
No need to worry, there are still some good dirty pick up lines. To find such lines, firstly search web thoroughly then choose wisely from them, before applying directly such lines start with a small conversation, like

• Q: Do I know you from somewhere?
• Ans: may be NO
• Q: You know that would look good on you
• Ans: NO
• Q: You should know
• Ans: why?
• Q: Because “your body keep staring at me” from your clothes
Trust me; no one can guess the answer after such pickup line. But hope for the best nothing was wrong happened with that guy.
But here point to be noted that if a husband uses such dirty pickup line for his wife, then it will work miraculously for him. Before, using such dirty pickup lines, one should be very careful about her mood.

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