How to Deal With DNS Problems

By now, everyone will be aware of that amazing and easy way for you to translate and get the virtual meaning of words on Google Chrome. This process makes dealing with websites in other languages very easy and also very much understandable. However, there may be some problems sometimes where you get error feedbacks such as err_name_not_resolved : this error feedback can be as a result of the inability of the DNS being unable to work out with the website. This kind of error can actually be resolved using easy and simplified techniques such as is offered to you on this platform. There are simple and easy approaches to give to this challenge that you may likely encounter getting to translate words of websites that may not be presented or directed in the English language. One of such ways is to flush and or to reset the DNS setting on your computer. After you do this, there is a great probability that this issue is resolved and you are able to gain access to good translation.

Once this first step is taken, there is a probability that you do not come across the err name not resolved error feedback again. Also, another way to go about rectifying this mistake is to completely change the setting of your DNS. When you do this, it becomes very easy for your DNS to the work on the translation of the website. This is also very effective to go by and it gives similar results.

The err-name-not-resolved error feedback is such that must be treated well in order for you to enjoy the translation feature of Google Chrome. If you are having problems with it, you can try out these steps and be expectant of good and accurate solutions thereafter.

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