How Can GRS Ultra Work?

Regardless of what you have been advised, super-human health isn’t about “eating more veggies” or even “getting more exercise”. It is not all about “fish oil” or perhaps GENETICS.
The reality is the human body is ALREADY designed to kill any dangerous germ, virus, bacteria or dysfunction. But for nearly everyone residing in America, it cannot do what it is designed to do.
Since daily, without your knowledge, the cells of the body are quietly attacked and diminished by something which turns healthy cells out of their smooth, full, curved form, to spikey, deformed-looking cells.
These are cells which were assaulted by Rogue Cell Destroyers called Free Radicals. These corrupted, mutilated, and deformed cells are nowadays sitting ducks…for almost any germ, illness, dangerous bacteria, or virus to invade.

And if you’ve heard the expression “antioxidants” (which I am certain you have), they are your body’s protective defense against those free radicals. And contemporary medical research has discovered that the most effective antioxidant available to person is something called Glutathione.
Those in-the-know hail glutathione as the “Master Antioxidant”, the “Master Detoxifier”, or the “21st Century Cell Protector” because it is an astonishing 5,000 times more powerful than every other antioxidant on the planet.
Unlike other antioxidants you might have heard of such as vitamin A, C, and E… grs ultra is as strong as it is something your body gets.
But due to the daily onslaught of free radicals brought on by substances, pollution, genetically altered food and such, the human body is not generating sufficient hydration to combat the germs, and the free radical damage builds up over time.

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