Hilarous Holiday pranks for Christmas Gifts

I mean these pranks are funny and there is no better time to unleash them than this season, I mean it was made specially for this season. Do you get the idea of giving gifts during this season. You always have gifts for your friends and family. Its Christmas morning and its time to open thier gift. So what did you get? Thats the big question. So they run out all excited trying to see what is inside the box. This christmas pranks is a double effect funny pranks. You would watch the emotions of your friend change from one form to another, and for you it just be all the more hilarious.

So what’s this gift for Christmas? Now you wrap a gift that is so mundane and its easy to know what it is without unwrapping it, like a frying Pan. And your friend says “Oh, you bought me a frying pan,OK.” And she is thinking in her mind like, “no need to open it ,I already know what it is.” And then you say, “Oh, No. I think you should open it, you have no idea, its not just a frying pan” And then she is excited and she starts opening it, only to to find an IPhone box inside of it and she goes “Wow, you go me and iPhone, that so cool and she takes it quickly to look inside for her new iphone and she sees some socks inside.
“Oh ,no ,where is the iPhone”, I mean “where is the iPhone really, ” and the you say “Surprise!!” This is a really funny prank, I can’t stop laughing. Jeez, I can’t say how I would feel, but it’s all fun, imagine all the people laughing because of this christmas prank. Its time to get this holiday prank on the roll.

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