Getting started with Vaping

E-cigarettes or vapers are considered to be the best alternative to smoking. Anyone who has at least thought about quitting smoking would have heard the name of these substitutes. E-cigarettes are mainly for smokers whereas the best vape mod is for advanced vapers. Don’t confuse among these. But if you are new to vaping and don’t know how to start then this guide can be of great help.

1. Start with e-cigarettes: Better go for disposable e-cigarettes before stepping into vaping. These give you the feeling of a traditional cigarette and are easily available with low maintenance. If you are quitting smoking, these will satisfy your need with the nicotine level and the perfect throat hit.
2. Move on to vapor cigarettes: After making you ready with vaping disposable e-cigarettes, it’s time to take another step forward to vapor cigarettes. These are more customized to give you better throat hit. Though larger than e-cigarettes, they perform the same way. But they have refilled cartridges or different flavors available in the market. Nicotine level is also a deciding factor for vapor cigarettes. Due to it customized feature, you can get the way you want to vape.
3. Switch to Vape mods: It’s not that you have to switch to mods. You can stick to vapor cigarettes as long as you want. Most of the time. People get acquainted with taste of the vapor cigarettes and want to switch to lesser nicotine level, where the best vape mod and box mod come into picture. The best box mod as the name suggest are box in shaped forming larger vaper clouds. They usually have a push button, where you can customize it get the density of the cloud, maintain temperature and other features. They are customizable and often have high vegetable glycerin level.
4. Join some community: It will help you learn some vaping tricks and to know how to easily maintain it.

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