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Skylar Diggings is known to be a famous professional basketball player. She was a famous household name in her times. She was one of the best basketball players with an average of scoring state best 29 points per game. She was such a famous celebrity. Do you know what Skylar Diggings net worth is? Her net worth is $400 thousand dollars at present. As stated earlier being famous always does not mean that you will have a huge income.

Skylar Diggings net worth
Skylar diggings are from the city of South Bend, Indiana. She has been an amazing basketball player from the start. She has played a lot of matches and earned millions of dollars form that. She is known to be one of the basketball players in US. She plays in the Women’s National Basketball association. She has won many matches and has been very successful in life. There are many people who have been successful, earned lot too but cannot retain that until the end. But Skylar Diggings have retained it.
Skylar Diggings net worth currently is $400000 dollars. She has been signed for many ads with famous brands like Nike and Sprint. She does not get paid very well paid by the WNBA. But she also earns through several other works like working as ESPN reporter who interviews star players. She also plays the role of model getting photo shoots in swimsuits in her other times. This player has a good physique, so she can get indulged in many other activities and earn.
Net worth
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