Firefly 2 Dry Herbal Vaporizer Review

The FireFly 2 is a mobile convection vaporizer even though some products do work nicely in it, including oils and concentrates made for dry herbs. The FireFly 2 is a brand new, upgraded variant of the first FireFly, released some years past — although, this new and upgraded version is lighter, smaller and functions far better. One of the main things to find is the FireFly is well-known for its electricity and airflow that is astonishing, thanks in part to the magnetic surfaces that snap together to form one chamber that is whole. To get a portable vaporizer, the FireFly 2 is equipped to be an incredibly glossy and low profile, yet powerful instrument.

The FireFly 2
The FireFly 2 supplies on demand heat, meaning it is possible to control the vaporizer to start warming with just the press of a button. The firefly 2 vaporizer does have a small oven, which must get an individual anywhere from 5 to 15 draws depending how large their breath intake is. The FireFly 2 also comes built with the program that enables an individual to control the vaporizer by means of a control panel on their phone. As mentioned previously, the FireFly 2 is effective at managing both oils and herbs — for oils, just put a pad in the oven that can create the oil to equally heat up and discharge the vapor, as opposed to combusting it. These pads require to be thrown away because cleaning them is a little an excessive amount of a procedure due to the grooves indented on the pads, and tend to go bad after 5 or 6 uses of oil or concentrates.

While the first FireFly vaporizer had a chamber with ridges, with a hollowed-out trail for the vapor to travel through, the fresh FireFly 2 does away with all the chamber in favor of micro laser-drilled holes. These holes allow for the vapor to pass through, rather than carrying out a course that is complex. The firefly 2 vaporizer can also be a bit more than half as small as the original unit, coming in in a weight of 140 grams as opposed to the more significant 288 gs of the original. Naturally, the whole unit can also be about 30% smaller as opposed to initial.

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