FAQ’s whilehiring the items from San Diego jumpers

To make the child birthday party more exciting, people are nowadays making use of the party jumpers. These jumpers are a kind of air balloon on which the child can play with his friends. Buying these jumpers can be very expensive, and they also cannot be used on a daily basis. So in spite of purchasing these jumpers, we can take the help of san diego jumpers who provides these on rent. They charge a less amount for renting these. There are many questions which hit the mind of the people like: –

1. How to process the request?
People can submit their request by selecting the item from the list and then add it to the cart and perform the following functions. As well as you can also place your request by making use of phone.
2. When do people need to pay the amount of using these jumpers?
The one who is interested in taking these jumpers on rent can deposit 50% of the amount to get it booked. And after making use of these jumpers rest of the amount can be paid by the customer.
3. Whether people can make any changes?
Whenever we place any order through online, there is always an option available for the changing of the item. If we want to make any changes regarding the item selected, then it can be changed within 24 hours of the delivery time.
4. Is there any delivery charges and when the order will be delivered?
San Diego jumpers can deliver your goods anywhere in the country and charge the amount which will fulfill their transportation charges and if the goods is of higher value then they do not charge any amount. According to the date of the event the goods will be transported.
By following this process of San Diego jumpers you will get your desired item within fewer spans of time and also in your budget.

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