Education is the basic need to survive with dignity

The school system is constantly changing as is evident from and as the government attempt to fit your children into an unpredictable future society. However, when planning the next curriculum, how much thought do the government put into teaching them life skills such as managing their finances?

Tuning up your kids with education and knowledge at early age
As parents or guardians, who do you suppose educates your children in financial matters and equips them with the skills necessary to manage their future financial situation? Do you leave them to learn for themselves? If not school, surely it is the responsibility of the parent? Although it can be difficult to teach children about the value of money, you have put together some points to consider, to provide what you hope might be valuable assistance.

Cultivating the art to share and grow together
Even if just borrowing stationary from a friend, children can be very creative with thoughts from when making agreements among themselves, coming up with their terms and conditions about repayments of future borrowing. Even the concept of refusing to lend someone an item in the future because they previously returned the item damaged or late, links to the idea of credit checking. As parents or guardians, these transactions could be used as examples to discuss short term or long term loans.
Talk to your children when they go wrong and make them understand
Start by explaining and that if they were to give the item back to a friend sooner, or as agreed, they would be more likely to borrow future items as friends would trust them more. Explain that this is the same as the loan agreements that adults make. As a child, you always felt that you had a lower amount of pocket money than all your friends. Whenever you wanted to save up for something, it took you longer.

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