Different Types of Video Wall and Their Properties

Modern Led sign have made improvements over previous generations. The current systems have the whole thing that make control rooms and operations centers more proficient .On the other hand, it is vital to match the proper tools to your application.

Integrated video wall systems are consist of three components. These components comprise display, Led wall processor and keyboard with mouse. Video wall systems can be self contained and free standing.

Control rooms have special requirements and the video wall you opt should fit the operational and physical necessities for the room. Here is an overview of the display types.

Digital light processing: These are sometimes referred to as a projector in a box. The dimension of a Digital light processing screen is proportional to its depth. On the other hand, it has a comparatively small footprint making it appropriate for smaller control rooms and operations centers. Digital light processing technology relies on the use of lamps that require to be replaced periodically. Rear projection cubes can be either installed into the wall, or a custom cabinet that rests on the floor.

Digital light processing with LED illumination: This equipment is similar to DLP lamp except for the LED. These video wall systems are also include of interlocking rear projection cubes and video processor. DLP LED cubes are more luxurious in starting as compared with DLP lamp; on the other hand, they require little attention.
Liquid crystal display: An Liquid crystal display video wall includes of flat LCD panels aligned to form a matrix. An LCD video wall can be mounted directly on the wall, or can be installed in a free standing modular cabinet. These profitable grade LCD panels have a small footprint and have become increasingly reasonable. On the other hand, they do require to be replaced eventually unlike DLP cubes that have an infinite life expectancy if maintained correctly.

Regardless of the video wall system that you select should be of high performance, consistency, and cost effectiveness. Enlisting the services of an expert consultant will make sure that you are able to make an informed decision and wise investment.

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