Design your own wooden coasters

To the surprise of many, wooden coasters are an important part of decorating a home or even a public place like a restaurant or a nightclub. In the case of a house, it can be evidenced at the moment in which a visitor arrives, when serving a drink, the best place to support that glass is one of the wooden coasters of Heartland Trading Co, which have a unique and special design in each of the cup holders, due to the nature of the wood that is used for the realization of them. These types of wood are Lyptus, yellowheart or Paduak, which transfers natural colors and a natural vibration. Added to this, these cupholders have a finish with transparent matte polyurethane, a kind of raincoat that can extend the useful life of these cupholders a little longer because it makes them resistant to water and any liquid that may fall on them.

This item is priced at $ 45 for the public, because these wooden coastersare manufactured by hand in Omaha, Nebraska. However, the firm Heartland Trading Co has different models and types of wooden coasters that offer the public for sale. In order to obtain information about them, you can access the page and review the variety of models through photos, the prices of each and the method of payment and/or shipment of said products. You can purchase your Heartland Trading Co wood wooden coasters in the fastest way, with the expert company, which produces the best wooden coasters on the market.
Remember that the small details are what make a space, a more welcoming place both for people who regularly stay there and for people who visit these places for the first time. The more welcoming the place, the more comfortable the person will be, whether it is a house or a public place.

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